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Weber is part of an international group employing more than 10,000 people across 63 countries worldwide and with an annual turnover of over €2 billion. Weber in India is incorporated as Saint-Gobain India Pvt. Ltd. - Weber Business and is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain.

Saint-Gobain was established in France in 1665, and is is one of the world's largest industrial groups, with a presence in 67 countries, an annual turnover of €40.8 billion, and 179,000 employees.

Weber - the world's leading industrial mortar manufacturer offers a complete range of solutions developed using advanced formulation technology to meet the highest technical requirements.

Weber Commitments

Committed people

People are the main asset and central focus of the Weber organization. In their daily life, Weber people show a high commitment to the company’s objectives, look for excellence and contribute to the performance and development of Weber.

Widely shared knowledge

Widely shared knowledge

With some 10,000 people in 61 countries, Weber can tap into a very rich source of knowledge all over the world. Our wish and ability to teach and learn from each other as fast as possible helps us develop better and quicker solutions for customers, wherever they are.

Long-term and successful relationship with customers

Long-term and successful relationship with customers

We are committed to serving our customers in a close, long-lasting, win-win relationship.We are committed to improving their working conditions, helping them to develop their own knowledge and activity



Our solutions are always designed locally, according to local needs and habits. Products are manufactured at a national or even regional scale, close to our customers.

Friendliness and consideration

Friendliness and consideration

We foster person-to-person relations and believe that all comments and suggestions are worth consideration

Weber History

  1. 1900

    Both companies Weber et Broutin were founded in France in the early 20th century. George Weber and Jean-Baptiste Broutin made gypsum and lime based façade renders in their factories in Paris. They merged in 1927.

  2. 1946

    After world war 2, the company expanded into the reconstruction market.

  3. 1970

    It became part of the Poliet group in 1970, and gradually expanded.

  4. 1982

    In 1982 Weber et Broutin started to develop on European markets

  5. 1990

    Weber accelerates its European expansion: Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe...

  6. 1996

    Weber joined the Saint-Gobain group. The company became Saint-Gobain Weber.

  7. 1998

    Take over of Quartzolit and Concreto in South America. At the same time, Asia became Weber’s second development zone outside Europe, with operations in Thailand, China, and Malaysia.

  8. 2008

    Saint-Gobain acquired Maxit Group, extending the presence of Weber to Nordic countries and Baltic, whilst reinforcing it in Germany, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and China.

  9. 2009

    Saint-Gobain Weber, finalized a joint-venture agreement with SODAMCO in Middle East, extending the operations to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UEA, and Qatar, and opening good opportunities of development in this region.

Weber in India

Weber India Joint Fillers used at Megapolis, Pune
Done with Weber

Megapolis, Pune

Saint-Gobain Weber India
Done with Weber

Sky One, Lunkad, Pune

Weber India Waterproofing used at Duet Hotel, Hyderabad
Done with Weber

Duet Hotel, Hyderabad

Weber India Joint Fillers used at TCS, L&T, Hyderabad
Done with Weber

TCS, L&T, Hyderabad

Weber India Joint Fillers at Blue Ridge Pune
Done with Weber

Blue Ridge, Pune

Weber India – Tile & Stone Adhesives  used at Rumah Bali, Pune
Done with Weber

Rumah Bali, Pune

Weber India Tile & Stone Adhesives used at Nanded City, Pune
Done with Weber

Nanded City, Pune

Saint-Gobain Weber India
Done with Weber

Skyon, Ireo, Gurgaon

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