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While monsoons can be fun with the city getting a clean and washed look and the trees sporting a brighter green, it also is the harbinger of leakage problems for most buildings. Weber waterproofing solutions offer an elaborate range of effective waterproofing products that guarantee many years of freedom from leakage. Some of these products are used on their own while some others work best in combinations.

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Weber waterproofing solutions

Weberdry PUR Trans

weberdry PUR trans is a transparent, hard-elastic, one component, aliphatic polyurethane, high-solids coating, used for long-lasting waterproofing.

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weberprim Epox 501

weberprim Epox 501 is used as a universal primer in waterproofing, sealing and floor coating applications on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. It is a transparent,two component epoxy primer with excellent surface wetting and penetrating properties.


weberdry PUA seal

A single component liquid applied solvent free polyurethane based hybrid waterproofing membrane for indoor and outdoor use. It cures to provide a seamless coating to form a tough, elastomeric membrane.

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weberdry ACR seal

A ready-to-use, fiber reinforced elastomeric, super flexible acrylic waterproof coating. It forms a seamless waterproofing barrier which is UV resistant. suitable for new construction, over cementitious substrates, or over existing tiles on roofs. Refrains development of fungus or microbes.

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webertec SBR

webertec SBR is ideal for repairs of spalled concrete and plaster, as a bonding agent and for high-performance plaster. It provides an excellent bond to the existing substrate and reduces shrinkage cracks. It is ideally used for flooring because of its excellent slip resistance.

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weberdry moistseal

A DIY product, weberdry moistseal is a easy to use, single component waterproofing mortar for application of external walls of bathrooms and toilets and concrete walls. weberdry moistseal applied in 2 coats is a SMART active waterproofing barrier which seals the concrete pores and crested the flow of water in either direction. It is especially useful in situations where walls where water source is not detectable.

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weberdry PUR Details

weberdry PUR details is mainly used to create waterproof seals on difficult and complex roofing details such as wall-floor connections, flashings and 90 angles, light domes, rooflights, chimneys, pipes and gutters. Suitable as waterproofing seal for corners, pipes, chimneys, joints too.