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Complete Tile and Stone grouting solution

Innovative, easy-to-use, high performance cementitious and epoxy grouts for the professional tile fixer. 

* There may be project-specific details during the renovation process. In this process it is recommended to consult with experts.


Standard Cementitious Grout

Webercolor fine is polymer cementitious tile grout used internal and external application.


Improved Cementitious grout

webercolor dewdrop is a higher polymer modified cementitious water repellant tile grout used for internal and external application. It is suitable for grouting ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marbles, granites, mosaics, and natural stone in walls and floors

Three component epoxy-based joint filler

Weber epoxy is used as a chemical resistant joint filler for heavy duty application

Two component epoxy-based tile & stone translucent grout.

Weber pearl armor is a 2 component, high performance 100% solid epoxy based tile/stone filler which allows light to pass through the grout itself to create an unique reflective appearance.

Two component epoxy night vision grout.

Weber knight armor is a 2 component, high performance 100% solid epoxy based tile/stone joint filler which provides photo luminescence during dark.

Two component epoxy glitter grout for tile and stone.

Weber shine armor is a two component, 100% solid, glitter based reaction resin epoxy grout which is acid resistant. The glitter component is premixed with the resin base which results into a consistent, uniform & highly aesthetically finished joints after application.

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Saint-Gobain Weber India
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Saint-Gobain Weber India
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