Saint- Gobain Weber Lauches New Weberwall Joinsbond

Saint-Gobain Weber  launches Weberwall joinsbond is a single component bonding agent, which is specially designed for providing high bonding strength between difficult to bond building elements. This eliminates the need of hacking surfaces to achieve bonding. Use it for achieving a strong bond between AAC blocks and high grade RCC, or between plaster and bare AAC block walls.

Saint-Gobain Weber India

weber epoxy adhesive is a three component, heavy duty, chemical resistant adhesive for fixing tile & stone of small & big format on wall & floor. PRODUCT BENEFITS

  • It provides excellent, high durable bond strength for fixing tile & stone on metal surfaces.
  • weber epoxy adhesive can be used in wet and dry, internal & external areas 
  •  Due to its chemical resistant properties it can be used in commercial installations of chemical prone areas, food processing industries, commercial kitchens, restaurants, high traffic and work shop areas.
  • It can be applied at higher hight levels where cement based adhesive has limitations.
  • It can be used for fixing tile and stone on ceiling and elavated structures.
  • Light and white marble will not stain when fixed with weber epoxy adhesive.