Saint-Gobain Weber Launches New Weberepox Easy

Weberepox Easy -  two-component, easy to use, epoxy-based tile grout, and adhesive. It is suitable for all types of tiles and stones on floor and wall.



  • Ensure proper use of personal protective equipment’s (PPE) before mixing.
  • Take 4 parts resin (component A), 1-part hardener (component B), 4: 1 by weight (3.75: 1 by volume)
  • Mix the components thoroughly for 2-3 minutes to get a homogeneous paste and consistent color.
  • Prolonged mixing is to be avoided as it traps air and shortens pot life.
  • The mixed workable grout can be used for up to 80 minutes at 250 C.
  • Wash tools immediately with water before the epoxy hardens. It is very difficult to remove after it has hardened.
  • In case of mixing with a mechanical mixer a slow 100 rpm mechanical mixer is recommended.
  • No water to be added in the mix.