webertec mixIL

Waterproofing Cement Mortar-Webertac Mixil

webertec mixIL is a specially designed integral water proofing additive for cement mortar, plaster and concrete to prevent against water ingress. This additive is compatible with different grade of cement and reacts with the cementitious matrix to provide water repellent properties by improving workability and cohesiveness of mortar and concrete.

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Wall, Floor


  • 1L
  • 20 L

To know before applying

● In concrete mixer add cement, aggregates and sand as per the mix design and mix the content for 2- 3 minutes.

● Add water about 80 -85 % to the running mixer and mix it for 1- 3 minutes.

● Stir weber MixIL before use; add to gauging water as per the recommended dosage.

● Add this mixture to the concrete /mortar mixer and mix the content for 2- 4 minutes.

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Features and benefits

● Permeability of water gets reduced in concrete & mortar, resulting into more durable concrete.

● It does not significantly modify the characteristics of the fresh concrete and mortar, nor the compressive strength.

Workability of concrete and mortar is improved. It is in liquid form, gets easily dispersed in concrete and mortar.

● Economical in use

● It does not require any protection screed since it does not form any membrane and becomes an integral part of concrete.

Shrinkage cracks are minimized in concrete and mortar.

● Improves cohesion and hence reduces the segregation.