weber pearl armor

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Translucent Epoxy Grout-Weber Pearl Armor

Weber pearl armor is a 2 component, high performance 100% solid epoxy based tile/stone filler which allows light to pass through the grout itself to create an unique reflective appearance.

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Wall, Floor

Available in 1kg and 5kg packs.


  • 1kg bucket
  • 5 Kg bucket

To know before applying

Mixing ratio

Part A: Part B - 11.5 : 1 by weight

Part A: Part B - 7 : 1 by volume

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Features and benefits

• Highly dense, even, compact and a smooth finish results into nonabsorbent, water resistant surface which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus.

• Easy to mix with a creamy consistency which helps in faster application and ease in cleaning.

• Very low in shrinkage and high resistance to cracks.

• Excellent chemical & stain resistant properties.

• Non sag resistance formula for wall & floor applications.

• High mechanical strength which results in long durability of the grouts.

• It can resist most of commercial cleaners which are used regularly for cleaning tile and stone.

• Two components pre weighed & ready to mix.

• Being translucent in nature, it can be used for fixing glass blocks and areas were background light is desired which cannot be achieved with a cementitious & resin adhesive.

• Very low in volatile organic compounds which allows it to be to be used in green buildings

• When applied in between tile and stone will result in invisible grouts unlike cementitious and common epoxy grouts.

• High bonding strength with tiles and stones.

• High translucency increases the chromatic effect resulting into highly aesthetic and decorative finish.

• It can withstand heavy traffic and weathering conditions.

• No color shading even when used in wet and submerged conditions..


• Can be used where minimum joint width is 1mm.

• Can be used where maximum joint width of 7mm in vertical and 14mm in horizontal.

• Do not use the grouts in industrial aggressive chemical prone areas and the areas which are subjected to aggressive cleaning with pressure or steam cleaning.

• For atleast 7 days days after grouting, for acid cleaning & submerged conditions