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weber PU Adhesive

Adhesive for any Tile & Stone on any Substrate

Bring to life your most creative designs with tiles. It's easy with a super product like weberfix PU The most advanced tile adhesive, it allows you to tile on any substrate. You can achieve stunning transformations of interior spaces using metal partitions, dry walls, plywood and more. In fact, cladding building exteriors with tiles is also simple with this high-performance adhesive.

The high adhesive strength and versatility of weberfix PU make it the ideal adhesive for your most ambitious projects.

Unique Features

  • R2T


    Specially formulated as per the requirements reaction resin adhesive ( R), improved (2) and slip resistant ( T) of ISO 13007 and EN 12004.

  • PU chemistry

    PU Chemistry

    Two-component, ready to mix, polyurethane-based thin-set adhesive for fixing all types of tiles and stones on a variety of substrates including metal surfaces and drywall boards.

  • Various substrate

    Various Substrate

    weberfix PU provides much-needed flexibility for building world-class architectural designs by removing constraints in terms of substrate and tile types. From any tile to any substrate, weberfix PU can handle it all.

  • cracking


    No shrinkage, prevents debonding and gives longer life to tiles and stones.

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Suitable for all surfaces like metal, plywood, drywall, AAC wall panels, PU waterproofed surface, tile-on-tile & tile-on-stone, lime mortar surface and cementitious plasters. From any tile to any substrate, weberfix PU can handle it all.

  • Apply the adhesive onto the substrate covering up to 1 m at a time (or no more than what can be tiled within 30 minutes). Unfavourable weather conditions (strong sun, dry wind, high temperature etc.) or a highly absorbent substrate can reduce the open time, even to just a few minutes. It is, therefore, necessary that careful checks be made to ensure that adhesive fins do not become hard. If observed hard, remove the adhesive, and apply fresh
  • Apply Weberfix PU over the surface using the straight edge of the notched trowel and then comb the applied adhesive using the notched side of the trowel to achieve the desired
  • Double buttering is recommended for heavier stones.
  • If the adhesive is buttered to the tile, then ensure proper coverage of the tile surface to prevent void formation.
  • Leave expansion joints of at least 10mm thickness, for every 12 feet in the substrate and in accordance with industry standards.
  • Do not cover expansion joints with adhesive, and can be filled with an appropriate flexible sealant.
  • Joint width shall be as per the recommendation of the architect/site engineer.

Please use a small sample for application evaluation in case of pure white or highly porous stones before going for large scale usage.

Approx - 4.6 kg/sqm per 3mm of thickness.
Note: Ensure all surfaces are clean, smooth and plum, levelled, free of defects, and without undulations for maximum coverage.

10 kg Bucket

( Component A: Component B : : 9 : 1 by weight)