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Weber Roof Waterproofing Solutions

The best fix for leakage problems that appear every monsoon

What begins as a small patch of leakage from the roof or terrace can grow into a grave problem of water seepage over the years. The continuous damage can result in dripping ceilings and oozing walls that can lead to health problems. It weakens the overall strength of the building structure too. Avoid yearly maintenance and medical expenses by choosing an advanced roof and terrace waterproofing system that fixes leakage for years together.


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Weber Roof Waterproofing System


Water based epoxy primer

weberprim Epox 501 is a transparent, two-component epoxy primer with excellent surface wetting and penetrating properties.

weberdry PUA seal

PU waterproofing membrane

weberdry PUA seal is a single component liquid applied solvent-free polyurethane-based hybrid waterproofing membrane for indoor and outdoor use. It cures to provide a seamless coating to form a tough, elastomeric membrane. It must be covered by a layer of protective screed or must be embedded in a geotextile membrane.

weber tap-seal

3-ply waterproofing membrane to be used at intersection of pipes and boards

weber tap-seal is 3-ply flexible waterproofing membrane to be used at the intersection of pipes and boards.

wp acc

Flexible waterproofing tape for joints and corners

webertape stickon is special coated 3-ply tape: high extension in the cross direction and rigid lengthwise, thin, high tenacity.


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Roof Waterproofing Solution

Generally, 2-3 coats of 0.5 mm thick waterproofing membrane must be applied for durable waterproofing. The second coat must always be applied perpendicular to 1st coat

Primer penetrates into pores of the concrete and enhances adhesion of subsequent coat with base substrates. It also improves the coverage.

All corners of the floor must be filled with cement sand mixture modified with polymer-like webertec SBR so as to have a curved surface. This ensures water does not accumulate on the edges which are susceptible to leakage

Alternatively, edges can be reinforced with corner treatment tape - weber Stickon. Apply weberdry ACR Seal on edges with a brush and place weber Stickon firmly so that half of it covers the wall and rest covers the floor. Apply another coat of weberdry ACR Seal over this completely covering weber Stickon and its edges.

Cut open the cracks with a mechanical hand grinder or with chisel and hammer. Fill the cracks with a mixture of 5 parts cement with 1 part of webertec SBR.

Waterproofing primer and membrane must cover at least 1 ft height of parapet walls. This ensures water does not seep in through the edges of the waterproofing membrane. Plus after completion of waterproofing, the edges of a waterproofing membrane on paraphet walls must be sealed with 2-3 mm thick layer of a mixture of 5 part cement and 1 part of webertec SBR.

Pipe joints must be treated with weber tapseal. refer product page for details.

The damaged floor must be repaired with mixture of 5 parts cement, 15 parts sand, 4 parts water and 1.5 parts of webertec crete.

White coloured surfaces have a tendency to reflect sunlight and thereby cause a temperature differential. Thus if the waterproofing membrane is white it will reduce the heat load.

After application of Weberprim Epox 501, subsequent waterproofing membrane must be applied for 5-6 hours

One 5 kg kit of weberprim Epox 501 must be diluted with 600 -750 ml of water.

Every 5 kg pack of Weberprim Epox 501 will cover 350 sq ft area.

Weberprim Epox 501 has a pot life of 60 minutes. This means once mixed the contents must be applied within 60 minutes.

Weberprim Epox 501 can be applied with a fur roller or a rubber squeeze / floor wiper.

No. Weberprim Epox 501 requires 7 days to drying to achieve final properties. During this period it should not come in contact with water by any means. Contact will rain will affect product performance adversely.

Any subsequent coat of Weberdry PUA seal must be applied after 12-18 hours of application of previous coat

Each 25 kg bucket of Weberdry PUA seal will cover 135 – 180 sq ft in 2-3 coats.

Apply Weberdry PUA seal on a slightly tacky primer and cover the entire terrace even covering the parapet walls. Apply products at recommended coverages only and do not try to cover extra area. Ensure the coating does not come in contact with rainwater for 7 days after application of the final coat.

We recommend application by brush on parapet walls and application by fur roller on flat surfaces.