Weber Storage-tank Waterproofing Solutions

When water spoil the storage tank .... we guard it......

Water stored in concrete storage tanks exerts hydrostatic pressure on walls of concrete tank which may lead to the development of cracks, affect the structural integrity of structure and loss of water. Plus, repairing damaged surfaces is even difficult to repair. Waterproofing membrane must be non-toxic so that it does not release any leachant / toxic chemicals into the water. A proper waterproofing system increases the life of the concrete water tank easily by 5-10 years


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Internal waterproofing system

weber primer 401

High performance acrylic based waterproofing primer

weber primer 401 is a high-performance acrylic based waterproofing primer with excellent bonding agent properties with the substrate, like gypsum board, cementitious board, new and old concrete. It yields into overall strength properties of a waterproofing coating system.

wp acc

Flexible waterproofing tape for joints and corners & 3-ply waterproofing membrane

webertape stickon is special coated 3-ply tape: high extension in the cross direction and rigid lengthwise, thin, high tenacity.

weber tap-seal is 3-ply flexible waterproofing membrane to be used at the intersection of pipes and boards.

weber waterguard packshot

2k cementitious waterproofing for drywall

weber waterguard is a two-component high-performance acrylic polymer modified cementitious membrane coating for under-tile waterproofing. It protects the gypsum board, cementitious board, and concrete against water penetration and provides high resistance to the effect of long-term weathering and durable in almost every climatic conditions.


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Internal Waterproofing Solution

All the loosely held concrete must be removed completely. Areas around pipe penetrations must be treated with weber Tapseal. Corners must be filled with polymer modified mortar or treated with weber stickon tape.

All corners of the floor must be filled with cement sand mixture modified with polymer-like webertec SBR so as to have a curved surface. This ensures water does not accumulate on the edges which are susceptible to leakage.

Alternatively, edges can be reinforced with corner treatment tape - weber Stickon. Apply weberdry ACR Seal on edges with a brush and place weber Stickon firmly so that half of it covers the wall and rest covers the floor. Apply another coat of weberdry ACR Seal over this completely covering weber Stickon and its edge.

Primer penetrates into pores of the concrete and enhances adhesion of subsequent coat with base substrates. It also improves coverage.

Generally, 2-3 coats of 0.5 mm thick waterproofing membrane must be applied for durable waterproofing. The second coat must always be applied perpendicular to the 1st coat.

For horizontal areas, lay 160 Geotextile membrane over the cured waterproofing membrane. Pour 40-50 mm thick concrete over this and spread it uniformly.

For vertical walls, broadcast sand over final coat of wet waterproofing membrane. Then apply protective cement plaster at 8-12 mm thickness