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Weberdry PUA Seal

Waterproofing without removing existing Tiles

Water ingress from terrace can adversely affect not only the structural strength and durability of roof but also affect the aesthetics and may even lead to growth of fungus and molds which can be harmful to the health of the people in vicinity.

Fortify your roof with adhesion of epoxy primer and durability of polyurethane waterproofing system to provide it a long lasting waterproofing for years together.

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Weber Waterproofing system

weberdry PUA seal

weberdry PUA seal


weberdry PUA Seal is a single component liquid applied solvent-free polyurethane-based hybrid waterproofing membrane for indoor and outdoor use. It cures to provide a seamless coating to form a tough, elastomeric membrane. It must be covered by a layer of protective screed or must be embedded in a geotextile membrane.