PUR coat

Weberdry PUR coat

The apt fix for leakage-free and stunning roof

The place where you spend your time rejuvenating needs to be strong and beautiful. Don't let changing weather conditions ruin your roof with leakages. Opt for ready-to-use, flexible, and durable single component aliphatic polyurethane coating used as a top coat for protection above exposed polyurethane waterproofing coatings.

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Weber Waterproofing system

PUR coat

Weberdry PUR coat

UV Resistant Topcoat - Suitable a UV resistant topcoat over surfaces exposed to sunlight to provide glossy, colour-stable and non-chalking finish.

Weberdry PUR Seal

Weberdry PUR seal is an aliphatic polyurethane-based, UV resistant, super elastic liquid applied waterproofing product.

PUR basic

Weberdry PUR Basic

Weberdry PUR basic is a PU based waterproofing membrane, suitable for waterproofing of exposed roofs, balconies, wet areas, car deck and over old bitumen felts.