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weberfix PU Hiflex tile & stone adhesive

Inspired by the beautiful historic monuments? Bring their elements to contemporary homes and commercial spaces.Weberfix PU Hiflex - innovative tile & stone adhesive's polyurethane chemistry, high flexibility, and excellent bonding properties make it an ideal choice to fix tiles and stones on walls, floors, and high-rise buildings easily and effortlessly. It is suitable for fixing any type of large and thin tile as well as stones on any substrate.

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weberfix PU Hiflex

weberfix PU Hiflex's non-sag formula, vertical slip-resistance, and resistance to humidity & temperature make it the perfect tile adhesive for all the tile fixing needs:

  • Internal as well as external wall and floor
  • Various substrates including wood, metal, glass, rubber, PVC, linoleum
  • Heated subfloors and areas subjected to thermal shock and freezing
  • Tiles and stones prone to deformation due to water absorption and thermal expansion
  • No spacer required (if adequate constructions joints are provided)