weberfloor cementonic


weberfloor cementonic is a gel-based high-performance additive, for traditional tile-laying method, using a cement slurry over freshly laid screed. It is to be mixed in water which is to be used for making the cement slurry. In addition, weberfloor cementonic can also be used to enhance the strength of the screed as well. Use of weberfloor cementonic greatly reduces the total cost of application, by vastly increasing the coverage of cement slurry, and decreasing the curing time.




  • 300 g Pouch

To know before applying

  • Add 300 g of weberfloor cementonic in 50 litres of water.
  • Mix thoroughly, until there are no paste lumps left.
  • Allow the mix to stand for two minutes before using.
  • Mix cement and sand in the ratio 1:6, or any other ratio as per industry best practices and create a loose mortar with the weberfloor cementonic fortified water, prepared earlier.

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Features and benefits

  • Easy to use – gel type material, in oeasy to handle pouches allows easy usage, and also prevents wastage.
  • Multiple use – can be used to improve performance of cement in any use. Specially use for cement bedding (screed) and cement slurry for laying tiles.
  • In depth penetration of cement slurry, modified with weberfloor cementonic, provides strength to overall system.
  • Imparts self curing properties to screed and slurry. • Increases cohesive strength of the cement bedding (screed), and also increases the bonding between the tile and screed.
  • Greatly increases pot life, ensuring higher speed of tiling and no wastage.
  • Imparts adjustability time for tiling done in traditional method.


  • Not to be used on the pre-set screed. • Not to be used on wooden, metal or glass substrates.
  • Only to be used for floor application.
  • Additives for cement slurry are not a substitute for tile adhesives and is to be used only as an undulation, to ensure proper transfer of adhesive to tiles.
  • Ensure the bedding is not old or cured and is free from contaminants like debris, dust etc, before using the slurry adhesive.

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