weberdry moistseal

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weberdry moistseal

weberdry moistseal is an easy to use, single-component waterproofing mortar for application of external walls of bathrooms and toilets and concrete walls. weberdry moistseal applied in 2 coats is a SMART active waterproofing barrier which seals the concrete pores and arrests the flow of water in either direction.

Its unique properties make it ideal for do-it-yourself waterproofing of toilets and bathrooms, plastered masonry and external walls.


Wall, Floor


  • 1 kg Pouch

To know before applying

  • After opening the packet, mix the material in 50-60 % water of the weight of powder.
  • Mix thoroughly and ensure no formation of lumps.
  • Mix only that quantity of material which can be applied within 2 hours.
  • For large jobs use mechanical power stirrer and spray machines.

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Features and benefits

  • Waterproofing system for walls where the water source is not detectable.
  • Single pack ready to use post mixing with water.
  • Voids and capillaries of concrete are auto sealed on contact with moisture or water.
  • Resistant against chlorides, phosphates and sulfates.
  • Minimizes flaking of the paint film.
  • Can be applied by brush or spray on any type of masonry or porous substrate.
  • No additional dead load on the structure post-application.
  • No VOC.


  • Avoid application of weberdry moistseal on overheated substrates or in direct sunlight as unnatural evaporation of water due to sunlight may lead to the development of cracks.
  • Do not apply on gypsum plaster, lime plasters surfaces already treated with paints, resins, or bituminous products unless totally removed.
  • Do not apply weberdry moistseal while leaks are active.
  • Wet the substrates abundantly with clean water before application of 1st coat.
  • Avoid the addition of excess water to weberdry moistseal to extend its pot life.
  • If applying paint over weberdry moistseal, ensure the surface is completely dry.

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