Weber's Complete Bathroom Tiling Solution offers a comprehensive approach to creating a bathroom that combines beauty and durability. We recognize that a bathroom serves both practical and personal purposes, and we aim to provide innovative products and skillful craftsmanship to construct a timeless space.

Weber provides you with the best bathroom waterproofing solutions, bathroom tile adhesives as well as best grouts for bathrooms. With all these solutions combined, we've created a perfect bathroom solution for you, so you can get your tiling job done hassle free!

Planning Your Bathroom Tiling

  1. Product Selection

    Begin your project by carefully choosing the right products for waterproofing, tile adhesives, and grouting. With our Product Selector Tool & Consumption Calculator, you can select high-quality products that would suit specific needs for your bathroom tiling job, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing result.

  2. Bathroom Waterproofing

    To protect your bathroom from moisture and potential damage, it is important to prioritize waterproofing. Applying our reliable Waterproofing Solutions will create a strong barrier and enhance the durability of your tiles.

  3. Priming The Surface

    Establish a solid foundation by priming the surface with weber waterguard. Apply a single coat and allow it to dry for a minimum of 2 hours. This step is crucial for promoting optimal adhesion and durability throughout the tiling process.

  4. Applying Waterproof Tape

    Enhance the waterproofing of your bathroom by carefully applying webertape stickon to all edges of the surface. This thorough task guarantees a strong seal, protecting your bathroom from any potential water damage in areas that are susceptible.


  5. Applying Tap Sealers

    Safeguard your taps against leaks by applying weber tap-seal. This additional layer of protection ensures that your bathroom remains watertight, providing peace of mind and longevity for your fixtures.

  6. Applying First Bathroom Waterproofing Coat

    Apply the first waterproofing coat of weber waterguard to your bathroom surface. This primary layer acts as a formidable barrier against moisture, laying the groundwork for a secure and resilient bathroom surface.


  7. Apply Second Bathroom Waterproofing Coat

    Strengthen the waterproofing further with the application of the second coat from weber waterguard on the bathroom's surface. Allow ample drying time, typically 48 to 72 hours, to guarantee the complete effectiveness of the waterproofing barrier.

  8. Tiling With Tile Adhesive

    Transition to the tiling phase using weberset firm for tile adhesive application. This specially formulated adhesive not only ensures a robust bond between the tiles and the surface but also enhances the overall stability of your bathroom tiling project.

  9. Grouting The Bathroom Tiles

    Bring your bathroom tiling project to completion by grouting the tiles with weberepox easy. This user-friendly grouting solution not only secures the tiles in place but also imparts a polished and aesthetically pleasing finish to your tiled surfaces.

Let Us Help You Define Your Project

During the renovation process, there may be project-specific details. It is advised to consult experts for guidance. We are available to assist you at every step. Feel free to contact us via call or email, and we will provide guidance throughout the process.

Documentation & Brochures

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