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Tile Fixing Slurry Adhesive-Weberfloor Slurrybond

Slurry adhesive for tilling on wet screed

weberfloor slurrybond is a highly polymer-modified, cementitious adhesive, that can be used in slurry form, on wet screed, for wet-on-wet fixing of tiles and stones, as well as an adhesive paste for fixing tiles and stones on floor and wall. In slurry form, it replaces the cement slurry which has been traditionally used for fixing floor tiles/stones. It also provides additional strength to the screed itself, and increase the tiling speed.


Gel based additive for high performance cement slurry

weberfloor cementonic is a gel-based high-performance additive, for traditional tile-laying method, using a cement slurry, over freshly laid screed. It is to be mixed in water which is to be used for making the cement slurry. In addition, weberfloor cementonic can also be used to enhance the strength of the screed as well. Use of weberfloor cementonic greatly reduces the total cost of application, by vastly increasing the coverage of cement slurry, and decreasing the curing time.

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