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The perfect wall is an environmental separator—it has to keep the outside out and the inside in.  In order to do this, the wall assembly has to control rain, air, vapour and heat. Explore how to keep your wall smooth or fix the crack issue or even build a system for long-lasting usage.

  • There may be project-specific details during the renovation process. In this process, it is recommended to consult with experts.

Wall Solutions

Polymerized white cement based putty

weberwall finecoat is a perfect blend of white cement, special polymers and minerals which protects & smoothens walls and is especially suitable for all types of cementitious surfaces like concrete, rendered wall, blocks and panels, precast walls & ceilings and plastered surfaces.

Polymerized premix plaster

weberwall premium plaster is premixed plaster designed to provide smooth and compact surfaces both internal and external. weberwall premium plaster is a blend of portland cement, supplementary cementitious material, selected graded sand and polymer additives in the right proportion for perfect compactness and desired smoothness of the surface.

Thinset masonry mortar

weberwall blokfix is a non-refractory mortar, used for laying masonry units like AAC blocks. It is a self-curing mortar made from cement, sand, and polymeric additives, which ensure excellent bonding and durable strength between the blocks.

High bond strength thinset masonry mortar

weberwall blokset is a non-refractory mortar consisting of high-performance polymers for bonding masonry units, like AAC blocks. It comprises of polymeric additives which help in providing the mechanical bond. It is easy to use with ideal average thickness.

Highly polymer modified thinset masonry mortar

weber blokset plus is a high-grade non-refractory mortar consisting of high-performance polymers for bonding masonry units, like AAC blocks. It is a weber proprietary formulation of the blend of polymers, retainers, cement, mineral additives & graded sand to have excellent grip and adhesion strength between block to block.

High performance bonding agent for AAC block walls

weberwall joinsbond is a single component bonding agent, specially designed for providing high bonding strength between difficult to bond building elements. It eliminates the need for the hacking surface to achieve bonding. Use it for obtaining a strong bond between AAC blocks and high-grade RCC, or between plaster and bare AAC block wall.

Lean mortar for filling top gap in AAC block walls

weberwall gapbond is a two-component flexible cementitious formula for filling gaps between bare load walls and bare load beams.

Crack filler for AAC block walls and plasters

weberwall crackbond is a single component, easy to use crack filling mortar, specially designed for filling cracks on AAC block walls and plasters. The high bond strength of the mortar reduces further development of cracks.

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