Saint Gobain weber India-Tiles Fixing for Interior Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

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Tile & Stone fixing solutions


Waterproofing Solutions


Waterproofing of constructions describes a procedure where building structures are protected from water ingress to avoid damages or destructive causes.
Concrete is made waterproof in many ways like
1) Adding integral waterproofing additive to reduce porosity of concrete
2) Applying a polymeric coating over concrete surface
3) Using sheet membranes to prevent water ingress

Saint Gobain Weber offer extensive range in cementitious, acrylic and polyurethane waterproofing membranes for wide range of applications.

Tile & Stone grouting solutions


Tiles are ceramic in nature and subjected to expansion and contraction

Wall construction solutions


Weberwall crackbond is a single component, easy to use crack filling mortar, which is specially designed for filling cracks on AAC block walls and plasters. The high bond strength of the mortar reduces further development of cracks. Ideal for filling cracks up to 2 mm. Cracks filled with Weberwall crackbond enhances the subsequent plaster and paint quality and life.

How to apply –  This product can be applied in three easy steps

  1. Preparing the substrate

• Clean the substrate of oil stains and bond inhibiting compounds, dirt, dust and laitance, if any, using high-pressure water jet or any other suitable method. • Saturate the surface well and bring the surface to SSD condition. • Make a V-groove on the crack, increasing its width on the surface to 5 mm using a handheld grout saw, cutter or putty patra. • Make to cut the groove at least 5 mm deep. • Clean with water to remove any debris or lose particles, and allow to return to SSD condition.

  1. Preparing the mix

• Gradually add 2.5 parts of Weberwall crackbond to 1 part of clean water (by volume) and mix it to a lump-free, smooth workable paste using a suitable stirrer / low-speed drill mix / or any other appropriate tool. • After mixing, allow the material to stand for two minutes, for it to mature

  1. Applying the mix

• Apply the mix, using a putty patra or a rubber float. • Firmly press the material into the groove. • Allow curing for a period of 24 hours before subsequent work.

Flooring Solutions


Flooring surface with layers of epoxy which enhances the functionality of flooring, such as strength, stain resistance etc.

Tile & stone care solutions


Apply weberklin ceraplus on the tile surface.



Innovative application tools


Notched trowel shall be of 6 mm and while application trowel should be in 45 degrees from the surface.