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Nothing is constant, but change is....so its time to rethink & renovate

It's the season to renovate. Ask your trusted architects, interior decorators and contractors for Weber solutions. Repair your walls, floors, ceilings and give your whole home or office a beautiful makeover. Jazzed up or classy, bohemian or victorian, our solutions can help you renovate your space. Do it easily too. Weber advanced construction solutions will ensure your renovation is quick and your space is transformed into a haven, exactly like you imagined it.

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Weber home renovation solution

Tile Adhesive is better for fixing tiles than cement

Tile & Stone fixing solutions

Weber tile & stone fixing solutions have a range of high performance polymer enhanced adhesive which can fix tile or stones on difficult surfaces including drywall, metal and glass. Know More…


Wall construction solutions

The perfect wall is an environmental separator—it has to keep the outside out and the inside in. Renovate your walls with a complete range of weber wall construction solution including white putty, plaster, masonry mortar. Know more….


Tile & Stone grouting solution

Widest range of epoxy and cementitious tile joint filler available in 40 + attractive shades. Can create a look of contrast or a seamless blend with tile grouts. Easy to mix, apply and clean epoxy grouts. For Best, Long-Lasting Tiling Results. Know more….

internal waterproofing

Waterproofing Solution

Advanced waterproofing system. Epoxy-based primer and PU-based membrane. Water-thinnable, low fumes, low VOC, non-toxic waterproofing system. Environment and health friendly. Know more....