webersys stoneprotect

Stone Sealer-Webersys Stoneprotect

webersys stoneprotect is a penetrating sealer that protects the interior of extra porous stones such as fine-grained granites, marble, limestone, slate and sandstone. It can also provide repellency for concrete and grouts. This below surface sealer is recommended for sealing stones for both interior and exterior applications. It seals the pores of the stone and prevents any future capillary movement of the water and contaminant.


Wall, Floor


  • 1 L Bottle
  • 20 L Jerrycan

To know before applying

The application area must be clean and free from dust, debris and remain dry for 6-12 hours before the application of weber stoneprotect

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Features and benefits

  • Excellent Surface sealer
  • Protects porous stones
  • Water based product
  • Ready to use
  • Easy application
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