weber waterseal321

Cementitious Waterproof Coating-Weber Waterseal 321

Weber waterseal 321 is a two component polymer modified, elastomeric cementitious water proofing coating which requires only clean water to be added at site for easy brushable consistency. It protects the concrete, cementitious substrate and advance dry wall partition against water penetration. weber waterseal 321 protects and enhances the durability of the structures which are exposed to costal and extreme climatic conditions. It is easy to apply on the surfaces by a stiff brush, roller or trowel to form a flexible, waterproof coating.


Floor, Wall


  • 15 Kg Bag (Component-A )
  • 5 L Can (Component-B)

To know before applying

• Weber waterseal 321 is 2 component consisting of grey color free flowing powder and liquid polymer to be mixed along with clean water in ratio of 3:1 by weight and to be applied on surfaces.
• Slowly add filler to the liquid and mix the content, using slow speed drill fitted with a suitable paddle to achieve lump free, brushable consistency.
• Mix the component for 3-5 minutes with addition of clean water as per mixing ratio and allow the mix to mature for 2 minutes to regain application consistency.

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Features and benefits

• Provides high water impermeability at 5 bar pressure.
• It can be used for both internal and external applications.
• Excellent bonding to masonry, concrete and non porous surfaces.
• It provides resistance against the attack of carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion.
• Suitable for retaining structure against water ingress.
• It resists strongly effect of long term weathering, climatic conditions including UV exposed areas.
• Nontoxic in nature.
• Easy to apply and economical in use.
• Breathable in nature allow the water vapor to escape from structure, have good crack bridging properties.
• It can be applied for existing and new surfaces.