weberdry ACR seal

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weberdry ACR seal

weberdry ACR seal is a ready-to-use, fibre reinforced elastomeric, super flexible acrylic waterproof coating. It is easy to apply and forms a seamless waterproof barrier which is UV resistant and capable of handling light foot traffic. These properties along with its crack bridging ability make it ideal for waterproofing roofs and terraces, as an exposed waterproofing coat.


Wall, Floor


  • 20 kg Bucket

To know before applying

  • Proper slope must be maintained on flat rooftops to prevent any water accumulation.
  • Substrate MUST be in SSD condition before application of primer.
  • All joints should be coved by an angular fillet.
  • Parapet walls should also be coated with weberdry ACR seal, to give a seamless waterproof coat.
  • All corners, gaps, joints, protrusions etc shall be reinforced by webertape stickon, and an extra coat should be applied.
  • Make sure the applied coats do not get wet before complete curing.
  • Do not make any structural changes to the applied surface as this may lead to puncture of the coating system and the system would have to be laid again.

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Features and benefits

  • Highly flexible.
  • More than 150% elongation providing its capability to bridge cracks.
  • UV resistant, allows it to be used in exposed areas.
  • Tough to sustain light foot traffic.
  • Easy to apply - liquid applied membrane, just needs generous coats by using a roller or brush.
  • Suitable for new construction, over cementitious substrates, or over existing tiles on roofs.
  • Refrains development of fungus or microbes.
  • Low VOC


  • If the surface has excess moisture, then there is a possibility of blister formation as in case of all liquid applied membrane coating.
  • The product is suitable only for light foot traffic. Any vehicular traffic or movement of machinery or equipment can lead to puncture of the exposed membrane and cause leakage.

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