weberfloor slurrybond

Tile Fixing Slurry Adhesive-Weberfloor Slurrybond

weberfloor slurrybond is a highly polymer-modified, cementitious adhesive, that can be used in slurry form, on wet screed, for wet-on-wet fixing of tiles and stones, as well as an adhesive paste for fixing tiles and stones on floor and wall. In slurry form, it replaces the cement slurry which has been traditionally used for fixing floor tiles/stones. It also provides additional strength to the screed itself, and increase the tiling speed.




  • 20 kg grey bag

To know before applying

  • Gradually add 6 parts Weberfloor slurrybond to 2 parts clean water (by volume) and mix it to a lump-free, smooth, workable paste using a suitable stirrer or a low-speed drill mix. This paste can be used as tile adhesive.
  • To make a slurry, add additional 3 parts water, and mix to form a smooth, lump-free slurry.
  • After mixing allow the mixture to stand for 5 minutes for it to mature.
  • NOTE: Do not add anything, like additional water, cement or sand, to the mix, as it may adversely effect the performance of the product.

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Features and benefits

  • 4 times more coverage than Cement slurry
  • Free-flowing - no need for troweling
  • Shrink resistant
  • Provides additional strength to screed, as polymers travel to the screed while applied in the wet-on-wet condition
  • Easy to use
  • Highly polymer modified for high strength bonding.
  • Dual-use: Can be used a slurry adhesive, or as a thin-set tile adhesive.
  • Very high pot life ensures higher speed of tiling and no wastage.
  • Water needs to be continuously added to cement slurry, which reduces strength. No such issues with weberfloor slurrybond.
  • High Adjustability time. Cement slurry does not offer an adjustment time, and if the tile needs to be adjusted, the slurry needs to be replaced. Further reduces wastage. 


As slurry :

  • Not to be used on preset screed
  • Not to be used on wooden, metal or glass substrates
  • Only to be used for floor application

As thin-set adhesive :

  • Can be used for internal as well as external, floor as well as wall application, in accordance with the Tile/substrate sheet.

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