weberklin ceraplus

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Weber Tile Cleaner

Weberklin Ceraplus is a specially formulated ceramic surface cleaner and stain remover. It can be used on all types of ceramic material like tiles, bathtub, wash basins etc. Salt buildups due to stagnant water / continuous exposure to water can be removed with ease.


Floor, Wall


  • 1 L Bottle

To know before applying

• For tough stains, apply directly onto the
stain, with a sponge or cloth, and let it soak
for 3-5 mins. Clean with plenty of water.
• For mild stains or spots, dilute with water in
the proportion 1:1 by volume, and apply onto
the stain, with a sponge or cloth, and let it
soak for 3-5 minutes. Clean with plenty of

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Features and benefits

• Easily removes even tough cement stains
• No etching of ceramic products
• Does not effect the glaze of tiles
• Removes all residual substances, like soap,
scum deposit, mineral and salt deposits easily.

• When used before grouting tile joints,
provides contamination free grout, with
longer life and better color performance..



• Always perform preliminary tests on small
testing area, to check compatibility with the
surface to be cleaned.
• Not suitable for artificial or natural stones,
which are prone to acid etching.
• Always wash surface with plenty of water
after cleaning with Weberklin Ceraplus.
• Make sure there is no residual product left,
in cracks, corners, joints etc.

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