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Weberfix PU

weberfix PU is an advanced polyurethane-based adhesive with the superpower to fix any type of tile on any surface. Suitable for all surfaces like metal, plywood, drywall, AAC wall panels, PU waterproofed surface, tile-on-tile & tile-on-stone, lime mortar surface and cementitious plasters. weberfix PU gives you the wings to utilize the most beautiful tiles and create the most influential architecture, interiors and designs.

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weberfix PU

weberfix PU's high flexibility makes it an ideal choice for:

  • Tile and stone cladding on high rise buildings
  • Fixing tiles and stones prone to water absorption and thermal expansion.
  • Tiling on absorbent and nonabsorbent deformable substrates like wood, metals, rubber, PVC, linoleum, asphalt, etc.
  • Tiling on heated subfloors and in areas subject to thermal shock and freezing.
  • Spacers are not required if adequate constructions joints are provided in tile and stone cladding.
  • It is best for new construction as well as for renovation of existing floors and walls.