weber epoxy adhesive

Tile Adhesive for Metal Glass-Weber Epoxy Adhesive

weber epoxy adhesive is a three-component, heavy-duty, chemical resistant adhesive for fixing tile & stone of small & big format on wall & floor. It provides excellent, highly durable bond strength for fixing tile & stone on metal surfaces. weber epoxy adhesive can be used in wet, internal and external areas. Due to its chemical resistant properties, it can also be used in commercial installations of chemical prone areas, food processing industries, commercial kitchens, restaurants, high traffic and workshop areas.


Wall, Floor


  • 6 kg weber bond poxy
  • 18 kg weber bond poxyfill

To know before applying

  • Shake the bottle well of resin & hardener prior to mixing
  • Take 2 part resin, 1 part hardener & 9 part filler by weight.
  • Thoroughly mix the resin & hardener in a clean container for a minute. Add 70 % of filler and mix it for 2 minutes. Then add balance 30 % of filler and mix the entire component for 5 minutes to get homogenous paste

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Documentation and brochures

Features and benefits

  • It has excellent adhesion properties, tile & Stone can be fixed on the surface like metal sheet, aluminium panels, glass, plywood and gypsum board.
  • It can be applied for wet areas, internal and external applications.
  • Highly durable and impact resistant.
  • Due to chemical resistant properties, it can be used on floor & wall in chemical prone areas.
  • It can be applied at a higher height level where the cement-based adhesive has limitations.
  • Mechanical fixing is not required for a higher height level.
  • It can be used for fixing tile and stone on ceilings & elevated structure.
  • Light & white marbles will not stain when fixed with weber epoxy adhesive.