weberset ultra

Tile Adhesive for Artificial Stone Cladding-Weberset Ultra

weberset ultra is a two component high performance, polymer modified adhesive for fixing impregnated stone, tile and large format tile and stones where nominal to moderate substrate movement is excepted


Wall, Floor


  • 16Kg powder
  • 5L liquid

To know before applying

  • Gradually add weber.set ultra compound A powder to weber.set ultra compound B of polymer liquid and mix it with a smooth, workable paste using stirrer or a low speed drill mix
  • Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding more water to the mix After mixing allow the mixture to stand for 4 minutes for it to mature

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Documentation and brochures

Features and benefits

• It is ready to mix a two component system where powder is to be added in polymer liquid in the specified proportion to be applied
• It has excellent adhesion properties even with impregnated stones no slip is observed on vertical applications
Shrinkage cracks are minimized/eliminated due to its self curing properties
• Larger quantity of material can be mixed at a time due to its longer pot life
• The tiled floor can be made available for foot traffic after 48 hours
• It is suitable for heavy duty applications with moderate structural movements
• It is recommended for external cladding