weberepox 2K

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weberepox 2k

weberepox 2K is a two-component, epoxy-based tile grout. It is suitable for all types of tiles and stones on the floor and wall. It is especially recommended for quick grouting in residential, commercial & hospitality sector. When components of weberepox 2K are mixed, it forms a smooth, creamy & thixotropic paste, and is available in an attractive range of colours.


  • 5 kg Bucket

To know before applying

  • There may be irritation caused in eyes and skin in case of contact for a very long time. Please seek medical help if the problem persists for a long time. It is recommended applying the product with gloves.
  • To use this product safely, to protect your health and the environment, refer the MSDS and follow the precautionary statements, also labelled on the packaging.
  • Do not use this product in rooms without ventilation.

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Documentation and brochures

Features and benefits

  • For grout joints between 1 mm - 10 mm.
  • Easy to mix, creamy consistency high productivity grout.
  • Can be applied on wall and floor.
  • Highly thixotropic - non-sag formula.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Low water absorption results in watertight joints.
  • Hygienic in service & would not allow bacterial growth.
  • Water cleanable grout.
  • Low VOC - Over curing full reaction takes place.
  • Available in 12 widely used colours.


  • Do not use in areas with heavy machineries, vehicular traffic etc.
  • Suitable for joint widths between 1 mm & 10 mm.
  • Epoxy grout applications should not be done in excessive heat. After full curing weberepox 2K would resist temperatures between 0°C - 80°C.
  • When weberepox 2K is used on exterior installations, colour variations may occur over time, especially with lighter shades due to ultraviolet rays or environmental contaminants.
  • Please ensure compatibility of the tiles/stones with the mixed material. Please refer to the methodology of application section and the literature of the tile/stone manufacturer taking suitable precaution. It is always advisable to test a small sample area before grouting the entire area.