weberset classic

Tile Adhesive-Weberset Classic

weberset classic is a high polymer modified thin-set tile adhesive, specially formulated for fixing low porosity vitrified tiles on the floor in internal areas. The adhesive can be used for fixing ceramic tiles on wall and floor and is suitable for dry as well as wet areas for internal application. This is also suitable for tile-on-tile application for fixing vitrified tiles on pre-existing ceramic tile floors.


Floor, Wall

20 kg and 5 kg double-layered BOPP bags and 40 kg Polypropylene bags for maximum moisture protection and enhanced shelf life.


  • 05 kg grey bag
  • 20 kg bag
  • 40 kg grey bag

To know before applying

• Gradually add  3 parts of weberset classic (powder) to 1 part of clean water (by volume) and mix it to a lump-free, smooth, workable paste using a suitable stirrer /low-speed drill mix / or any other appropriate tool.
• After mixing, allow the mixture to stand for 2 min for it to mature.

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Features and benefits

  • High Bond strength.
  • The free-flowing product makes it easier to mix and apply, easy-to-use.
  • Useful for bed thickness of 3-15* mm. May go up to 15 mm in a limited extent for wall & floor application.
  • Thixotropic formula - no sag, for the easy application on the wall.
  • Low VOC – For a healthy living.
  • For installation of vitrified tiles on the floor.
  • Suitable for internal use only.
  • Suitable for Tile-on-tile application of vitrified tiles on pre-existing ceramic tile floors.
  • Self-curing properties, which allows for no-hassle application, with minimum labour.
  • No hacking of the substrate required to achieve the required bonding.


  • Do not use for large format tiles.
  • Do not use in external areas, or areas exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Do not use for fixing vitrified tiles on walls.
  • Do not use for fixing stones.
  • Do not use on the wet screed. The surface must be fully cured.
  • Do not use for installing glass mosaic, glass tiles, or metal tiles. Use only weberset glass mosaic for fixing glass mosaics, and only weber epoxy adhesive for fixing glass and metal tiles.
  • Do not use for wooden flooring, for insulating and soundproofing panels.
  • Do not use on waterproofing coat – If waterproofing is required, use webertec SBR and
  • webertec crete for the same. Refer to the respective datasheets for details.
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