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Epoxy Grout-Weber Epoxy


  • 1.1 kg pack
  • 5.5 kg pack
  • 22 kg pack

Weber epoxy system is 100% solid, reaction resin-based, impervious epoxy grout suitable for applications on all types of tiles and stones. When mixed as per instructions, it forms to a smooth, creamy easy-to-apply consistency. It also recommended for hygiene sensitive areas requiring sterile conditions, stain and chemical resistance.


Wall, Floor


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Weber India Joint Fillers at Blue Ridge Pune
Joint Fillers

Blue Ridge, Pune

Weber India Joint Fillers used at TCS, L&T, Hyderabad
Joint Fillers

TCS, L&T, Hyderabad

Weber India Joint Fillers used at Megapolis, Pune
Joint Fillers

Megapolis, Pune

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