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Tile Adhesive for Glass Mosaic-Weberset Glass Mosaic

A flexible, cement based polymer modified tile adhesive for internal and external use, especially for Glass Mosaic. It is suitable for fixing all types of ceramic wall and floor tiles, mosaics, marble, terrazzo, natural stone, brick slips and glass blocks in dry or wet areas, including swimming pools. It is particularly suited for areas with some movement, deflection or limited shrinkage is likely. It has the finest particle size which makes it easily workable enhancing the colors of the glass mosaic tiles. Weber.set glass mosaic has extended open and adjustability times making installation easier with no sagging or slippage. Being a high strength, flexible tile adhesive it can be used for heavy duty applications on a variety of substrates.


Floor, Wall


  • 30 kg bag

To know before applying

• Gradually add 2.5 parts of powder to 1 part of clean water (by volume) and mix it to a lump free, smooth, workable paste using a suitable stirrer or a low speed drill mix.

• Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding more water to the mix.

• After mixing allow the mixture to stand for 2 minutes for it to mature.

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Features and benefits

• Brightest white adhesive, enhances the color of glass mosaic.

• Free flowing powder, having long open time & prolonged workability when mixed as a paste makes it easy to install.

• No hacking required-having a high bonding strength it can be used to fix tiles & stones on various substrates.

• Being self-curing it optimizes the usage of water and labour at the site.

• Being water resistant it can be used to fix various types of tiles including glass mosaics in swimming pools & other wet areas like showers, bathroom etc.

• It can sustain heat ageing.

• It has no shrinkage and is particularly suited for situations where some movement, deflection or limited shrinkage is likely.

• Absorbs dynamic loads which make it suitable to use in swimming pools where the water pressure or load may vary in a filled swimming pool and an empty swimming pool.

• Quick setting times which helps in faster construction.

• Can be used at depths up to 10 mtrs underwater which makes it particularly suitable for swimming pools.


Not to be use on:

• on wood or wooden conglomerates

• on metal, rubber, plastics, vinyl or linoleum surfaces

• for ceramic and vitrified tile installations when an adhesive layer thicker than 10 mm is required

• on concrete subject to strong delayed movement, that is, with less than 6 months curing time.

• on cementitious substrate which is not properly cured.

• on surfaces subject to vibrations.

• on plaster board and fiber boards

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