weberwall joinsbond

Bonding Agent for AAC Blocks-Weberwall Joinsbond

weberwall joinsbond is a single component bonding agent, which is specially designed for providing high bonding strength between difficult to bond building elements. This eliminates the need for hacking surfaces to achieve bonding. Use it for achieving a strong bond between AAC blocks and high-grade RCC, or between plaster and bare AAC block walls.




  • 5 kg pouch

To know before applying

  • Gradually add 1 parts of Weberwall joinsbond to 1 part of clean water (by volume)
  • Mix it to a lump free, smooth, brushable slurry using a suitable stirrer / low speed drill mix / or any other appropriate tool.
  • After mixing, allow the material to stand for a minute, for it to mature.

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Documentation and brochures

Features and benefits

  • Using chemical bonding, provides mechanical key for further usage.
  • Designed to achieve high bonding strength with concrete upto M60 grade.
  • Achieves high bonding between the columns and AAC block walls, to prevent debonding and cracking.
  • Applying on AAC block walls, before plastering will enhance the life of plaster, and reduce the possibilities of debonding and cracking.
  • Saturate the surface well and bring the surface to SSD condition, before application of Weberwall joinsbond


  • Do not use for cracks more than 2 mm in width. Such huge cracks are indicative of structural issues, and should be checked by structural consultant.

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