How To Spruce-up Your Home and Commercial Spaces with Latest Tiling Trend.

Tiles have been an essential part of interiors for decades for all the right reasons - their functional properties and vast, beautiful designs mean they are the perfect choice for walls and floors, be it your commercial space or home. However, while many naturally select tiles for their kitchen, bathroom, or office lobby spaces, many overlook the fact they are ideal for living areas and outdoor spaces.

With recent trends that people want to create seamless, open plan spaces using long-lasting, practical materials, tiles are the answer to many interior design needs. Among various reasons, tile has been one of the most sought-after floorings and wall covering products in the industry. They are brilliant for creating synergy throughout the space and can be used to create many styles and trends. From health benefits to easy maintenance, tile is a tried-and-true fan favourite that even our ancestors loved. Plus, with an endless selection of styles, finishes, and trends currently on the market, homeowners can instantly find design inspiration from the tile.

Though their name may bring repetition to mind, tiles can provide a creative way to breathe life into an average room, setting your place apart.  From kitchens to baths and from the hotel lobby to façade tiles and stones can be used to style your space precisely to your liking.

It should always be kept in mind that each type of surface has its characteristics (For example, the rate of expansion and contraction, dimensional stability, moisture absorption, and so on), so it pays to know the nature of each surface. These characteristics must be considered when choosing the suitable tile adhesive and grout for the job.

Let`s discover - How one can spruce up home or office space with the latest tiling trends.

1. Kitchen:

Kitchens are the most used rooms in the home and therefore need decorative yet strong floor tiling and the wall that can take the burden of your day-to-day chores.

We have all been victims of the kitchen mess. A foaming pot, the ingredients that splatter everywhere while cooking, a dropped bowl—make clean-up easier in all of these situations with sturdy tiles that protect your kitchen surfaces as well as adds beauty to it. Whether on the backsplash, the walls, the cabinet, the floors, or all of them, one of the tiling's best properties is how easily it wipes clean.  Patterned tiles, especially if they are used up to the ceiling to cover an entire wall, give your space the look and feel of some gorgeous wallcovering in an easy-to-care-for material. Glass splashbacks that usually have a pattern or print are popular right from the start. Use eye-catching pieces of glass mosaic to add pops of colour, shine and shape to your kitchen. Apply weberset glass mosaic, the brightest white tile adhesive to enhance the color of glass mosaic tiles of the backdrop or metal cabinets of the kitchen. If you are not quite ready to commit to a full kitchen backcloth tiles, adding tile to one area is another way of keeping things interesting. Have fun, and get creative with your kitchen space while you protect the area around your sink, range, and countertops!


2. Bathroom:

Be it your home's restroom or commercial spaces', the constant utility of a bathroom means it deserves to be a healthy, safe space for everybody.

Pick your favourite colour and / texture of the tile and let it do its work with weberset premier or weberset classic if you are looking to renovate your bathroom flooring and wall. Show off your creativity and personality with a fashionable yet robust bathroom tile design. Your bathroom can be big or small, colourful or quiet—but one thing it should always be is deeply relaxing. After all, it's more than just a room; it's the place to which you escape to prepare for the day and unwind when it's done. Popular but always classic, subway tile is a perfect choice for any restroom area. Keep the look fresh and original in a bold color, a unique pattern, or contrasting grout colour from our most comprehensive range of grouts, especially weber.color dewdrop, which is an ideal grout for wet areas. The marine palette of greens and blues is perfect for a pop of color in and around the restroom area. These vibrant colours bring a coastal vibe to the interior, from modern surface effects to more traditional shapes and motifs.


3. Commercial Space:

The decor of your commercial space reflects the values of your business. Commercial buildings can experience all of the tile's benefits while adding a stylish twist to any space. From countertops in retail stores to wall decor in personal cabinets and from the building's façade to the lobby area, tile provides an upscale, chic redesign for any office structure. stone fixing and tiling in commercial space deserve an adhesive that is ideal for the vibration-prone area and adds beauty to it. Weberset flex adhesive is an apt choice to eliminate the substrate hacking and achieve intact bonding in vibration prone places.


4. Outdoors:

If you are looking to make the perfect outdoor oasis, tiles can captivate the guests' attention with their beautiful craftsmanship and uniqueness. Tile offers outdoor spaces extra durability, easy maintenance, and a stirring appearance. Slip-resistance properties to help make it the perfect choice for walkway, façade wall, pool, fountain, and so on. Outdoors tiling should withstand harsh temperatures while maintaining its elegant beauty. Resistant to cracking, weberfix PU a multiple substrate tile and stone adhesive ideal for façade and external areas is the best choice for bringing your outdoor spaces' imaginations to life.  From the brick look to basket weave and hexagon mosaic pattern to pinwheel layout; wherever you are willing to lay tiles and stones in the outdoor area, make it subtle and eye-catching that transforms the overall exterior ambience as well as keep it strong for decades. Moreover, you can also opt for contrasting grout with water resistant properties to highlight the unique design.


5. Drawing Room:

Although we may not initially think of tile being placed in the drawing-room, tile has been applied in living areas for hundreds of years. It is often chosen for its durability and unbeatable beauty. Plus, with tile being a versatile product, you can incorporate it on the floors, walls, or a display unit surrounds to create a stunning focal point. Take that chance and break a few design rules while getting rebellious with mismatched tile floors of a particular area in the living room. The idea is to keep them complementary, with each base belonging to the same colour family. The best tile adhesive is the one that provides durability along with beauty to the main area, be it the home's drawing room where you recline or office meeting room where you spend most of your creative time. 

6. Storeroom or Pantry:

Small spaces like storeroom or pantry, at times, can be a challenge to decorate. As they provide little storage and have the potential of getting cluttered quickly. Tile floors can be a superb flooring option for those looking to open up their small room. The larger the tile you choose for your space, the larger the room looks! Choose the light colour for floor and wall tiling, reflecting the lighting and making a small space look spacious enough.


7. Balcony:

Spaces that are more prone to sunlight, temperature variation, rains, etc., require decorative and strong flooring. A balcony is a window into the outside world, where you enjoy the pleasant weather or indulge in some fun times with your friends and family, which is why your balcony needs to exude warmth and good vibes. One can go for porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles that are ideal for the balcony area.  Choose weberprim PUR tile primer to get perfect tile adherence, Weberdry PUR Trans as a transparent waterproofing coat and weberdry PUR finish to get that satin-matte look for the balcony. Whatever be the condition, your balcony's tile appearance should stay the same, even after a long duration.

Set the ordinary aside and put the extra elegance to the office and home structure with various tile textures and right tiling material to enhance their lifespan and appearance.