The first drizzles of rain on face, the earthy smell rising after a light rain shower, the lush green fields resuscitating by virtue of raindrops; the monsoon season is on the verge to bring happiness and joy after a long scorching summer. It's mid-June, and monsoon season in India is nearing. We are all ready to greet the rainfall with open arms it will offer us with relief from the oppressive summer heat. However, it also brings inconveniences such as dampness, seepage, sewage blockages, and other issues to our homes. So, while you protect yourself with raincoats and umbrellas for this monsoon, protect your home as well. Here is a list of monsoon tips from our team to help you waterproof your property. You don't have to be an expert or a professional to make these modifications; simply follow these basic guidelines to get the most of this downpour.
 Waterproofing is a means of preventing water from entering your property. Rainproofing your home is critical because it keeps it dry. It allows for reduced humidity within the house, protecting your belongings from damage caused by dampness or water exposure. It is also necessary for the structural integrity and retaining the beauty of the house.


Get rid of wall exterior cracks and fungi:

Heavy rains can induce cracks and dampness on the home's façade walls and degrade appearance. External walls are heavily exposed to rainfall, as well as moisture and high humidity during the rainy season, which can penetrate the layers and impact the interior walls. Water may seep through and cause cracks if the walls are not protected with an acrylic waterproof coating. This could result in a fungal growth and musty stench in your living area. So, keep an eye out for wall cracks and consult with your contractor/architect.

Examine the pipes and gutters:

Rain can cause clogging of drainage pipes and water taps in your home. If you notice any leaks in the pipes, contact your plumber immediately and get them repaired before the problem worsens. 
As a matter of fact, the intersection of pipes and boards need more attention in waterproofing. You can go for three-ply waterproofing membrane for tap and pipe joints that saves leaks and imparts good flexibility.

Shield your balcony’s walls and flooring:

The calm and breezy monsoon evenings are ideal for hosting little tea parties for a small group of friends or enjoy simply some ‘me time’. However, since balconies are the most prone to seepage from rain shower, the risk of cracks, moisture and flaky plaster increases significantly in this location. Damp and leaky walls and flooring will prevent you from using that space for the entire season. Use the proper waterproofing solutions to address wall and flooring leakage concerns. Get your balcony flooring waterproofed with polyurethane, transparent waterproofing membrane without the need of removing tiles which hinders dust, debris, noise and all the hassles that comes with tile removal. Any furniture you place on the balcony should be weather resistant. Outdoor wicker furniture is long-lasting and simple to care for. Use a waterproofing mortar on walls to seal concrete pores and minimize the flaking of paint.

Ensure safe water during monsoon:

The gorgeous monsoon season unfortunately brings with it a slew of health complications due to an increase in viral infection. In such cases, being extra cautious about one's health is a prudent course of action. And in order to do so, the water you drink on a regular basis must be pure and safe. Water pollution of potable water becomes a major problem for everyone during the rainy season. Use food-grade waterproofing membrane covering to protect your water tanks and your loved one’s health.

Protecting terrace is must:


During the Monsoon, terrace is the most exposed to direct rainfall. Waterlogging on the terrace might leak through the ceiling, eventually damaging the beauty and structure of your home. If we do not stop this deterioration, the entire structure may suffer from water leaks, seepage, and cracking. Terrace waterproofing solutions work as protective barrier, protecting your roof from extreme weather conditions. Choosing the hybrid waterproofing membrane can reduce the impact of rain's impact on your roof, extending the sustainability of your terrace.

Do not ignore your window and door jambs:

The jambs of window and door can eventually develop cracks as they endure recurrent movements. Water can easily penetrate through these cracks, further damaging the frames and surrounding walls. Consider installing granite border stone patti to door and window with high polymer-modified tile adhesive which is specially formulated for door and window framing. By doing so, you’re not only ensuring framings which are resistance to cracks but also enhancing their appearance.

It is vital to have appropriate waterproofing solutions for any property in order to prevent harm to the entire structure. Poor waterproofing not only compromises the structure's integrity and beauty, but it also poses a number of health problems for residents. The home you love might rapidly become unpleasant due to dampness and seepage produced by persistent water seepage. Do not consider complete waterproofing of your home as an inconvenience. Instead of worrying about waterproofing expenses, you should examine whether the home you worked so hard to create is safe and lasting. With the right waterproofing solutions in place, you can enjoy the monsoon season without having to worry about leakage and seepage issues.