Which Tile Adhesives are best for Ceramic, Vitrified, and Natural Stones?

Best Tile Adhesives for Ceramic; Vitrified and Natural Stones

Tile and stones play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of your house and for that, we spend a lot of time deciding the perfect tile but we all get upset when that tiling goes wrong. This happens because of the wrong selection of tile adhesive, that’s why it becomes necessary to choose the right tile adhesive depending on the tile type, surface and tile size. Let’s discover the perfect tile adhesive for your ceramic, vitrified, or natural stone tiles. Saint-Gobain Weber, the world leader in tile and stone fixing solutions, is here to brighten the path toward flawless tile and stone installations.

The best tile adhesive for Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, celebrated for their versatility and durability, grace both residential and commercial spaces. However, their successful installation hinges upon the tile adhesive used. Saint-Gobain Weber offers a range of the best ceramic tile adhesives specifically formulated to bond effectively with ceramic tiles. 

Ceramic tiles are indeed an excellent choice for a variety of areas, particularly those prone to moisture and frequent use. They are ideal for wet spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, porches, and even outdoor areas subjected to varying weather conditions.

weberset premier is a polymer-modified, thin-set tile adhesive specially made for ceramic tiles; it is suitable for vertical and horizontal applications. Very low shrinkage prevents debonding and gives longer life to tiles.weberset classic is a high polymer modified thinset adhesive, specially formulated for fixing ceramic tiles on walls and floors and is also suitable for dry as well as well areas for internal application. making it the best tile adhesive for ceramic tiles. 

With their combination of durability, versatility, and style, ceramic tiles continue to be a popular choice and Weber’s range of best tile adhesives designed for ceramic tiles are the best to count on. 

Pro Tip - Enhance the vibrancy of your ceramic tiles by pairing them with contrasting grout colours for a visually stunning effect that captivates the senses.

Best tile adhesive for Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are favoured for their polished finish and minimal maintenance. Installing these tiles demands precision and the right tile adhesive choice to achieve impeccable results. Among the many spaces where vitrified tiles shine, the living area, lobby, and bedrooms stand out as prime examples of their versatility and charm.

Saint-Gobain Weber's vitrified tile adhesive weberset wonder is the best tile adhesive to achieve maximum strength and durability. The high bond strength tile adhesive can be used for new construction, as well as for renovation over existing floors/facades. weberset nova is specially formulated for fixing low-porosity vitrified tiles on walls and floors. It has the thixotropic formula - no sag, for easy application on the wall; making it the preferred choice. 

Beyond residential spaces, vitrified tiles find their niche in commercial settings such as cafeterias, and lobby areas where the renovation turnaround is very less; in such cases, weberset classic is a suitable tile adhesive for its tile-on-tile application for fixing vitrified tiles on pre-existing ceramic tile floors.

Best tile adhesive for Natural Stones

To unveil the true magnificence of natural stones, you need a tile adhesive that ensures a strong, secure and durable bonding. Saint-Gobain Weber's natural stone tile adhesives weberset monohiflex and weberset firm, are specially formulated for secure bonding of natural stones on walls and floor. Experience the high bonding strength of our best natural stone adhesives which are crafted to provide the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, ensuring a bond as enduring as the stones themselves. Both the products have their own special features, weberset monohiflex has high grabbing properties with no shrinkage formula whereas weberset firm, has polymer-modified additives with low consumption features. Whether you're working with the delicate veining of marble, the rich hues of granite, or the rustic charm of travertine, weberset monohiflex and weberset firm the best natural stone tile adhesive ensures that your natural stone installations stand the test of time, exuding warmth and character with every glance. For heavy foot traffic areas like halls, corridors, lobbies, clubs and dance floors weberset flex is the right choice for natural stone fixing. When you have projects like fixing large format impregnated stones, artificial stones or natural stones you can surely go for weberset ultra a two-component polymer modified adhesive which has high-performing qualities.

Natural stone tiles, with their inherent beauty and unique patterns, impart a timeless elegance to interiors and exteriors alike. Popular areas of applications are lobbies, kitchen countertops, offices and hospitality. weberset firm is a high-performance tile adhesive for mosaics and stones, on a variety of surfaces, for both vertical and horizontal application, in indoor as well as outdoor use. With high structural adhesion, it ensures usage on a variety of substrates. Sustains heat ageing, making it ideal for high-temperature outdoor locations, and also for hot-temperature applications, like Jacuzzi, sauna etc.

weberset ultra is the best tile adhesive for fixing impregnated, artificial & natural stones, & large format tiles on a variety of substrates, where nominal to moderate substrate movement is expected. weberset flex is a flexible, highly polymer-modified, high-performance, thinset tile adhesive, for natural stone and tiles, mosaics and stones, on a variety of substrates, which are prone to vibration.


In summary, Saint-Gobain Weber offers a comprehensive range of the best tile adhesives specially formulated for ceramic, vitrified, and natural stone installations. From weberset premier for ceramic tiles to weberset classic for vitrified tiles and weberset monohiflexweberset firm, and weberset flex for natural stones, each adhesive ensures secure bonding and lasting durability. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, these adhesives provide ease of application and reliable performance, making them the ideal choice for any tiling project. Trust Saint-Gobain Weber to deliver exceptional results, elevating your spaces with precision and efficiency.

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