What is the best way to fill gaps between tiles?

best way to fill gaps between tiles?

Are you staring at those tiny gaps between your tiles, wondering how to fill them perfectly?

There are various ways to fill the gaps between your tiles and stones; but if you want to make sure that your tiles have the best durability and a high aesthetic. Then, look no further! Saint-Gobain Weber, the world leader in tile and stone fixing solutions, provides a wide range of tile grouts that ensure long-lasting and perfect filling of gaps.

Why are Weber’s Grouts the best?

Weber grouts not only fill the gaps between the tiles, ensuring high aesthetics; but also guarantee hygiene which is of utmost importance. Improper gaps can invite potential problems like moisture, mold, and the disjointing of tiles. Weber’s grouting solution not only enhances the appearance of your tiles but also seals them against these unwelcomed intruders.

Exploring the Different Types of Grout Solutions Offered by Weber

1. Cementitious Grout: The traditional grout, that is versatile, durable, and perfect for most tile types. Saint-Gobain Weber's weber.color fine and dewdrop is a standout here, offering a rainbow of colours to match your tiles and style. It's ideal for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors, and any high-traffic areas craving resilience.

2. Epoxy Grout: For the toughest challenges, epoxy grout steps in. Resistant to stains, chemicals, and even moisture, it's the go-to choice for spaces demanding ultimate protection. Weber offers a range of epoxy grouts with impressive strength, making it a top contender for commercial kitchens, swimming pools, and areas with high hygiene requirements. Epoxy grouts from Weber, such as weberepox 2K, weberepox easy, weber.joint poxy and weber.joint poxyfill provide excellent performance in highly-sensitive and heavy-traffic areas. They are available in wide range of colors to match the various tiles available on the market. 

3. Decorative Grout: If you want to jazz up your tiled spaces with some extra sparkle and shine, a decorative grout is your go-to solution! It's like adding a touch of glitter and fluorescence to your tiles, transforming ordinary areas into eye-catching displays. With Saint-Gobain Weber's decorative grouts range, you can take your grouting game to a whole new level with its shiny finishes. Weber’s decorative grouts like weber shine armor, weber pearl armor and weber knight armor are perfect for highlighting mosaic patterns, creating stunning feature walls, or adding a bit of excitement to your external areas. So, if you're looking to add a little pizzazz to your space, decorative grout is the way to go!

How to apply grout

Now that you've chosen your grout superhero, it's time to choose the right application tools to conquer those gaps. Here are some pro tips for a flawless application:

Preparation: Clean your tiles thoroughly and ensure they're dry before applying grout. Use Weber tools like grout rakers, which help in removing all loose particles from the tile joint and ensure that the surface is completely dust-free.

Mixing: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for mixing various types of grouts (cementitious and grout). Ensure the mixing is done with the help of proper mixing tools to get optimum product performance. 

Apply and Clean: Spread the grout using a squeegee diagonally across the tiles, pressing it into the gaps. Once applied, remove excess grout from the surface with the help of a squeegee before cleaning it with a damp sponge/scrubber in a circular motion to avoid pulling grout from the joints.

Final Cleaning: After allowing the grout to cure for the recommended time, remove any haze with a dry cloth to reveal the true beauty of your tiled masterpiece.


Filling gaps between tiles isn't just a task; it's an art form. With Saint-Gobain Weber by your side, you're equipped with the finest tile grouts and expertise to transform those gaps into seamless perfection. Whether you opt for the versatility of cementitious grout, the resilience of epoxy grout, or the beauty of decorative grout, your tiles are in good hands. Say goodbye to unsightly gaps and embrace the beauty of flawless grouting with Saint-Gobain Weber India. Shine your spaces brighter than ever before!