weberfix drywall

Tile Adhesive for Drywall-Weberset Drywall

weberfix drywall is a two-component high-performance tile and stone adhesive, which can be used for almost all types of tiles*, over almost all types of substrates including green and moisture-sensitive marble & agglomerates. weberfix drywall is specially formulated, for fixing large format tiles & stones on drywalls and plywood.


Wall, Floor

Component A: 15 kg Bucket

Component B: 5 kg Bucket


  • 20kg buckets(Component A 15kg and Component B 5kg)

To know before applying


3 parts Component-A with 1 part Component-B (by weight)

9 parts Component-A with 4 parts Component-B (by volume)

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Features and benefits

  • Moisture free system: Does not damage wooden substrates or tiles, and water sensitive stone.
  • Very High Bond strength 2 Component adhesive: prevents wastage, as the only quantity which is required has to be mixed.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast Setting
  • Can do cladding up to 50 ft. height, without any supporting bracket*.
  • Under tile treatment of stone (to prevent discolouration) is not required.
  • Can be used for fixing moisture sensitive stones, like green marble.
  • Reaction bases system, and thus not harshly affected by temperature & humidity.
  • Can be used on touch dry surface of the concrete. Do not need to wait for the substrate to get completely dry.
  • For fixing tiles and stones on drywall & plywood.


  • For large and heavy stones, initial support required for at least 5 hours for vertical application
  • Not for fixing Metal or glass tiles. Use Weber bond poxy for fixing metal and glass tiles.