weber blokfix


Weber.blokfix is a non-refractory mortar, used for laying masonry
units like AAC blocks. It is a self-curing mortar made from cement,
selected fine sand and polymeric additives, which ensure good
bonding and durable strength between the blocks.




  • 40 Kg Bag

To know before applying

• Gradually add 2.5 parts of powder to 1 part of water (by volume)
and mix it for 5-10 minutes to achieve smooth paste consistency.
• Attempt to be made to break the lump during mixing so that
maximum dispersion of polymer takes place in the mortar resulting
into good bonding strength with the blocks.
• After mixing allow the paste to stand for 2 - 3 minutes to mature and
again mix it for paste consistency.
• Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding more water to the
mixed adhesive.

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Documentation and brochures

Features and benefits

• Self-curing mortar does not require post curing on blocks fixed
with weber blokfix.
• Ready to mix - water to be added at site as per the mixing ratio.
• Long potlife reduces the wastage at site, at same time large
quantity of material can be mixed.
• Good bonding between the blocks and cementitious surface.
• Easy to apply.
• Economical in use.
• Consistent quality material.
• Able to withstand hammering, electrical conduting, chiseling and
framing done at construction site as per standard masonry
• Wall construction speed - Full wall 2-3 days depending upon the
adhesive thickness

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