weber blokset

Masonry Mortar for AAC, CLC, hollow, concrete blocks

Weber blokset is a non-refractory mortar consisting of high-performance polymers for bonding masonry units, like AAC blocks. It is made from polymeric additives which help in providing mechanical bond and adhesion between block to block and block to surface. weber blokset is in compliance with ASTM C1660-09 standards which is world’s only standard for thin bed mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete masonry.




  • 30 Kg

To know before applying

• Gradually add 3 parts of powder to 1 part of water (by volume) and mix it for
5-10 minutes to achieve smooth paste consistency.
• Attempt to be made to break the lump during mixing so that maximum
dispersion of polymer takes place in the mortar resulting into good bonding
strength with the blocks.
• After mixing allow the paste to stand for 2- 3 minutes to mature
and again mix it for paste consistency.
• Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding more water to the mixed

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Features and benefits

• Self Curing: weber blokset is designed to eliminate the need for external water curing which saves critical resource like water.
• Minimized shrinkage and seepage: weber blokset is a thin bed, polymer rich formulation, which minimizes shrinkage as well as water ingress.
• Improved Workability: Due to polymeric and mineral additives it results into improved flow, water retention and open time.
• Less storage space: weber blokset is ready to mix product there by eliminating need for bulk storage of sand and cement.
• Cost effective: weber blokset is applied in less thickness having superior coverage and reduction in wastage due to pot life and no water curing required.
• High bonding (Tensile splitting strength): Optimally polymerized weber blokset provides the additional chemical bonding apart from the improved mechanical sand-cement bonding due to hydration retainer compounds
which gives solid robust wall with long lasting durability and this strength is achieved at very thin thickness above 3mm.
• Construction accuracy: Due to measured application and thin bed, the wall construction is accurate.
• Withstand hammering and chiseling: The weber blokset bonds are able to withstand the hammering and chiseling required to be done for window, door frames and conduiting as per standard masonry practices.
• Environment friendly: Portion of weber blokset is made of one of byproducts of industry helps in reducing carbon footprint at the same time no water required for curing helps in restoration of natural resources.
• ASTM Complaint: weber blokset conforms to with ASTM C 1660-09.
• Wall construction speed : As per standard masonry practices (generally from 2 days)

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