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Tile Adhesive for Marble Granite-Weberset Firm

Weberset firm is a highly polymer modified, high performance thinset adhesive, for tiles, mosaics
and stones, on a variety of surfaces, for both vertical and horizontal application, in indoor as well as outdoor use. It is supplied as a drymix mortar, to which water needs to be added before application.


Wall, Floor

20 Kg double layered BOPP bags for maximum moisture protection and enhanced shelf life.


  • 20 kg grey bag
  • 20 kg white bag

To know before applying

• Gradually add 2.5 parts of Weberset firm to 1 part of clean water (by volume) and mix it to a lump free, smooth, workable paste using a suitable stirrer / low speed drill mix / or any other appropriate tool.
• After mixing allow the mixture to stand for 2 minutes for it to mature.

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Features and benefits

• Internal and external use.
• Highly polymer modified : provides high structural adhesion, which allows to be used on a variety of substrates, for fixing a variety of tiles and stones.
• Can be used for new construction, as well as for renovation over existing floors/facades.
• Long open time.
• Prolonged and easy workability.
• Low VOC - for healthy living.
• No Hacking of substrate required to achieve the required bonding.
• Self-curing properties, which allows for no-hassle application, with minimum labor.
• Free flowing product, makes it easier to mix and apply.
• No sag formula : allows for hassle free application on vertical walls, without any slippage.
• Water resistant, making it suitable for swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchen, saunas, and spa.
• Sustains heat ageing, making it ideal for high temperature locations for outdoor use, and also for hot temperature applications, like Jacuzzi, sauna etc.
• No shrinkage, prevents debonding, and gives longer life to tiles and stones.
• Absorbs dynamic load.
• Useful for bed thickness of 3-12 mm. May go upto 15mm in limited extent.

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